As discussed in an earlier post on "How to use an ice fishing flasher to catch more fish", a flasher is a great tool for the modern ice angler. The video below is a great way to visualize how you use a Marcum VX-1 flasher to catch a suspended fish. The same concept apply to all other flashers from Vexilar, Humminbird, and Lowrance.

A few main points to watch while you are viewing the video:
1) The large mass of colors shown on the left hand side of the Marcum is the bottom. You will notice this when you use a flasher, the bottom is often an array of colors that take up ~10% of the screen.

2) The green flash on to the screen you see them pointing to is the bait. The beauty of flasher is they allow you to see your bait in the water column and where it is in relation to the fish and bottom. Green is the weakest signal and is what your bait looks like on the screen.
3) The red solid line suspended between the bottom and bait is the fish. Watch how it rises up to the bait and eventually takes it. A great way to see the fish coming towards your bait and be ready to set the hook!

Marcum VX-1 Three Color Sonar Flasher Fish Finder
Marcum VX-1 Three Color Sonar Flasher Fish Finder
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