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Ice Augers

In order to catch fish through the ice you need a hole. Today's ice augers are lightweight and cut fast. Whether you are looking for a hand auger for those quick, light jobs or a power auger for those cuts through deep ice we have augers that will fit your style of fishing.
Today's top ice fisherman employ a "search and destroy" type of methodology when trying to locate fish. Inherrent in this strategy is cutting a lot of holes. Without a good ice auger this can not be a reality. Find a great ice auger today to allow you to make swiss cheese of your favorite ice fishing lake today!
We offer the best deals on the web whether you are looking for hand or gas auges, used or new. You will find a full line of augers including:

Electric 12V Ice Augers

The great thing about electric ice augers is the way that they provide power, but don't break your ear drums and allow you to not worry about mixing oil. When using inside of a permanent house, you get to enjoy oil free air after drilling your holes.

Gas Power Ice Augers

Nothing cuts through the ice like a gas auger. Taking the work out of hand drilling holes and allowing you to cut more holes faster is a key ingredient of the modern ice angler.

Eskimo Gas Power Ice Augers

Including the Shark Z51, Shark Z71, and the Quantum

Jiffy Gas Power Ice Augers

Including the Stealth, Legend and Model 30

Strikemaster Gas Power Ice Augers

Including the Lazer Mag Xpress, the Strike-Lite and the Mag 2000

Hand Ice Augers

Great for those early season trips and for the ice angler on a budget.

Cordless Drill Ice Auger Attachment

For those that want a power ice auger, but not the expense, there is the cordless drill ice auger attachment. Use the cordless drill that you already own to make your life on the ice easier.

Strikemaster Lazer Hand Ice Augers

The beauty of the Mora hand augers with upgraded blades that cut through the ice super fast.

Strikemaster Mora Hand Ice Augers

The best selling auger on the planet, check out for yourself what makes this model so popular.

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Modern Ice Fishing

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