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Ice Fishing Flashers

If you ask die hard ice fisherman "what is the one thing that you wouldn't do without while ice fishing" nearly all of them would empatically answer "my flasher"! It is so useful for them that fishing without one is considered fishing "blind" and they would likely rather not go than fish without. Once you try one yourself you will immediately understand why as they truly improve your ice fishing results!
The beauty of the modern fish finder is that they are easy to use and give immediate response to the fisherman on if there are fish close to your lure, at what depth, and how they are reactiing to your presentation. In addition to all these, they obviously display what depth water you are in. This one item truly revolutionized the ice fishing world upon its release. Over the past decades they have been refined and improved to allow for easier use, longer life, and improved longevity. Purchasing a flasher today could be the last one you will ever need to buy.
You will find links to all the major players in the ice fishing electronics realm, including the stalwart Vexilar and it chief competitors Marcum, Hummingbird, and Lowrance. Check out the selection and find a flasher that will help you increase your catch rate!

Marcum Ice Fishing Flashers

Marcum VX-1 Flasher

Marcum's baseline model, comes with bottom zoom.

Marcum LX-3 Flashers

Marcum's mid tier model, comes with all the features on the VX-1, but with True Color technology.

Marcum LX-5 Flashers

Marcum's top of the line flasher comes with True Color technology and the ability to zoom anywhere in the water column.

Vexilar Ice Fishing Flashers

Vexilar FL-8 Flashers

The most recognized flasher in ice fishing.

Vexilar FL-12 Flashers

Vexilar's upgraded model with wide angle lens and low power mode.

Vexilar FL-18 Flashers

Includes bottom lock mode.

Vexilar FL-20 Flashers

Vexilar's pimp daddy version. All the great features of their other models plus 0.5" target separation.

Humminbird Ice Fishing Flashers

Hummingbird Ice Flashers

Includes models ICE 35, 45, and 55. An LED flasher that sets itself apart, with the 55 having 6 color separation, the most in the market today!

Lowrance Ice Fishing Flashers

Lowrance Ice Machine Flashers

The Ice machine uses an LCD screen as opposed to manual spinning LED for a unique spin on the flasher market.

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Modern Ice Fishing

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